At 1 April 20120.69.710.3
Charged to the income statement2.64.97.5
Utilised in the year(1.6)(4.0)(5.6)
At 31 March 20131.610.612.2
Charged to the income statement4.410.915.3
Utilised in the year(3.6)(7.6)(11.2)
At 31 March 20142.413.916.3

At 31 March 2014, the group had £nil (2013: £3.4 million) other provisions classed as non-current.

The restructuring provision as at 31 March 2014 and 31 March 2013 relates to severance costs as a result of group reorganisation.

Other provisions principally relate to contractual and legal claims against the group and represent management's best estimate of the value of settlement and costs; the timing is dependent on the resolution of the relevant legal claims.


The company had no provisions at 31 March 2014 or 31 March 2013.