Continuing operations2014
Profit before taxation544.7311.8212.6400.0
Adjustment for investment income and finance expense92.2289.825.332.4
Operating profit636.9601.6237.9432.4
Adjustments for:
Depreciation of property, plant and equipment314.4305.9
Amortisation of other intangible assets24.823.3
Loss on disposal of property, plant and equipment6.46.6
Loss on disposal of other intangible assets3.2
Amortisation of deferred grants and contributions (see note 22)(7.4)(7.1)
Equity-settled share-based payments charge (see note A3)4.41.7
Other non-cash movements(2.0)(1.9)
Changes in working capital:
(Increase)/decrease in inventories(2.9)7.8
(Increase)/decrease in trade and other receivables(4.7)(26.5)0.41.3
(Decrease)/increase in trade and other payables(25.4)9.3(0.6)0.1
Increase in provisions4.11.9
Pension contributions paid less pension expense charged to operating profit(7.0)(73.6)
Cash generated from continuing operations941.6852.2237.7433.8

* The comparatives have been re-presented to include increase in provisions of £1.9 million and pension contributions paid less pension expense charged to operating profit of £73.6 million as separate categories, rather than within decrease in provisions and retirement benefit obligations, as previously presented. The comparatives have also been restated to reflect the requirements of IAS 19 (Revised) 'Employee Benefits'. See accounting policies for details.

The group has received property, plant and equipment of £24.8 million (2013: £38.2 million) in exchange for the provision of future goods and services (see notes 1, 22 and A5).